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, Nancy Matsumoto is a writer and editor who covers sustainable agriculture, food, sake, arts and culture.

My Cross-Canada Dining Adventure for Air Canada's En Route

CBNR 2018 Contenders

What a dream assignment: in a little over a month, travel across Canada, dine in more than thirty restaurants, then pick the country's top ten new restaurants. This is what I did in May and June of this year for Air Canada's in-flight magazine En Route. The longlist of contenders has just been released! Read what I thought about them here. If you're interested in how it works, here's an explanation of how we do it. Stay tuned for the top ten list, which will be announced in late October and appear in the November 2018 issue of En Route.

"Displaced: Manzanar 1942-1945"

Exploring Climate Change and Agriculture at Stone Barns.