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Natasha Richardson's Family Will Never Forget Her

Liam Neeson, whose wife Natasha Richardson died in March after a skiing accident, recently said he and his two sons are taking each day as it comes.

At a party Monday night to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the theater magazine Playbill, Richardson's aunt Lynn Redgrave echoed Neeson's sentiments.

"Well, we just go on, day by day," the actress, 66, said. "We remember her every day, we'll never forget. She was a bright, bright light in our lives."

Redgrave attended the event, part of Bon Appétit's annual pop-up Supper Club, along with such other stage and screen luminaries as John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Justin Kirk.

Redgrave wrote and stars in the one-woman play Nightingale, a fictional recreation of the life of her late grandmother, Beatrice Kempton. In a video interview about the play posted on her Web site, Redgrave, a breast cancer survivor, talks about Kempton and seems to allude to Richardson's tragic death.

"And now, some other things have happened in my life, which have made it very, very, very important that I hold hands with both the living and the dead," she says in the video. "In my journey through life to right now, I realize that most people feel that way, they have to have something reaching back."

At the dinner, Redgrave – part of an historic acting dynasty – said she plans to continue working in the theater "until somebody tackles me and throws me to the floor and says, 'Don't do it anymore!' " She was also quick to note, "They haven't done that yet."

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