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Crispy Farm Egg

Bar Basque

839 6th Ave
New York, NY, 10001

It’s the soft-boiled, panko-crusted, deep-fried egg, liberally sprinkled with sea salt, that ties this soulful dish together with a yellow ribbon of oozing yolk. The huevo crowns a mélange of chunky smushed potatoes bathed in olive oil, silky roasted red peppers stewed in their own juices, a wrapping of jamón Serrano and a drizzle of Spanish sheep’s milk cheese that’s been whizzed in the blender with half-and-half. The smoky tang of Espellette pepper and purple watercress top it all off. Chef Yuhi Fujinaga says the dish, which marries robust Basque flavors with classic French technique, is so popular that “it’s not leaving the menu any time soon.”

Chef:: Yuhi Fujinaga

Profile of a Tastemaker: Rozanne Gold