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Glad to have you in the neighborhood, Corsino Cantina Italiana

I had a lovely lunch at my West Village neighborhood Italian place, Corsino, at Hudson and Horatio Streets, today. It’s an ideal venue for sharing small dishes, what with its menu of crostini, affettati (cold cuts), cheese, antipasti, pastas and panini. What I really liked was to be able to step out of my apartment on the sunny first day of a promised warming trend and find a good, simple lunch a few steps away.

Our faro salad was flecked with parsley, mint and crowned with a small fior di latte-filled pepper. The word “nutty” would not do justice to the bite of these big, fat grains of faro. A super-cheesy and crispy arancino with arugula arrived next, and then a panini filled with broccoli rabe, anchovy and mozzarella.

We watched a parade of fashionably dressed children and infants in strollers roll by our window and skateboarders flying through the air in Seravalli playground across Hudson. On our way out, we asked about the truffled egg toast that we like at Café ’Ino. Good news: it’s on Corsino’s brunch menu.

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